Completions, Workover, & Abandonments

Completions, Workover, and Abandonments

As flowback is one of the most important steps in the drilling process, we ensure to focus on the areas of safety, efficiency and return. With Lyons, we have controlled high rate flowbacks to clean the well quickly to resume fracking. You can expect proper return rates and distribution of fluids/solids, with the capability of proper 4 phase separation of wellhead proppant (sand, gas, oil, and water).

Our highly trained personnel are the safest and most efficient in the industry when dealing with Critical Sour wells. Lyons team members work to create and follow a drill plan that takes into account the different aspects related to that specific project and use the highest-quality equipment for the job. We have been working in highly populated areas with a zero release policy from start to finish, including sampling, pressure loading, and tank cleaning.

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