Safety is the first priority of any job, and Lyons never questions the safety needs when it comes to the field or to personnel. It is only through consistent communication with our team members and our customers that we can improve our safety programs and instill awareness in other organizations as well. We all deserve to get home safely, and we can all ensure that happens by looking out for one another.

Our company is constantly evolving with the industry to maintain safety standards. We promote safe work practices that minimize risk to our employees, customers, communities, and the environment. We are always researching and developing new equipment, practices, and procedures as we learn and grow, allowing us to remain a leader in health and safety as industry and its legislation changes.

Lyons tanks on oil & gas site  in northern Alberta.

Everyone at the company is accountable and responsible for the safety of themselves, coworkers, and others; this accountability, as well as the working conditions our staff can be exposed to, can seem daunting. Because of this, we work to ensure that all team members are given the tools they need to carry out their work safely as well as efficiently. Each team member is required to complete a number of industry-standard certifications (First Aid, H2S, WHMIS, TDG, and drug and alcohol testing) as well as required to take Lyons-specific pre-employment testing and training (physical, wildlife, equipment) to ensure a solid safety foundation. Our hands-on approach to safety by working in the field also serves as a great asset and is a large part of our Safety and Performance program. Safety is something to be celebrated, not neglected, and we believe safe work practices should be celebrated.

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