Each of our vessels is available with 4” and 6” senior daniels, dry flow barton meters, and catadyne heaters.

740 – 1440 PSI HIGH STAGES

  • Up to 10 m3 capacity, skidded and portable units available
  • 2” D4 Fisher dumps, up to 2” turbines, and either roughneck or catadyne heaters. Some tanks equipped with SCADA capabilities, H2S/LEL monitoring, fire eyes.
  • All high stages are capable of 4 phase separation (Solids, Gas, Water, and Oil)

250 – 285 PSI P-TANKS

  • Up to 18 m3 capacity, portable units available

100 – 200 PSI LOW STAGES

  • Up to 60 m3 capacity, skidded units available

The service area for Lyons Production Services, including their offices in Grande Prairie and Calgary.