About Us

About Our Company

In July of 2003, Lyons Production Services Ltd. was comprised of a single separator tank and a handful of friends looking out for each other. Those friends, and that tank, took a chance and made it through the tough economy of those days to grow into a company with a team of 80-100 people at any given time with over 40 packages. We’re proud of what Lyons has become today ﹘ a leading production and flowback company, serving the Western Canada oil and gas industry.

Our mission at Lyons is a commitment to safety. With specialized personnel, state-of-the-art equipment, and commitment from all levels within our company, we raise the industry standard for safety and competence.

Lyons equipment on industrial worksite.

Although our company continues to grow, we continue to remember the community from which we came from and to remember the key focuses that the community gave us. We focus on high quality: high-quality people, high-quality work, and high-quality equipment. We build and maintain our assets and relationships by focusing on this high quality, as well as staying true to our values of:

Protecting the environment
Operating safely

It is these values that carry us as we operate on-site, as we build new equipment and materials, as we interact with those in our communities, and as we come home at the end of our workdays.

The service area for Lyons Production Services, including their offices in Grande Prairie and Calgary.