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Lyons Production Services Ltd. is one of the leading production and flowback companies in Canada. Locally owned, operated, and serving the Grande Prairie area since 2003, Lyons is focused on the safety of our people and customers, the protection of the environment, and the quality of our work and equipment — all the while offering incredible competitive pricing for our clients.

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Lyons is committed to pursuing the highest standards of excellence in our business processes and comply with all applicable laws and regulations within the areas that we operate. We have many long-standing crew members, with our management team and field personnel working on job sites for many years and even still today. These members are familiar and experienced with all of the completion programs, adding to our knowledge as a company and acting as an asset to our quality of work. Lyons works as a team and we lead by example.

We are aligned with our customers through our principles, goals, and expectations. At the end of the day, we all want what is the best quality and what are the safest practices for our community. It is our objective to achieve and exceed customer satisfaction while protecting the well-being of our personnel, our assets, and the environment.

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When it comes to our equipment, we work with the approach of: you need it, you get it. With the changing of legislation and industry requirements, we’re always developing new equipment and procedures to stay current, which in turn helps us as we learn and grow in the field.


Locally owned, operated, and serving the Grande Prairie area since 2003.

Safety is the first priority of any job, and Lyons never questions the safety needs when it comes to the field or to personnel.

The service area for Lyons Production Services, including their offices in Grande Prairie and Calgary.